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Serving Milford as well as Orange, CT and Beyond

Best Chinese food to take out.

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Healthy Chinese Dishes for Those With Fitness in Mind

Pick from our list of healthy choices for delicious Chinese food. Every dish we cook is extremely fresh and our food is prepared daily with only the best ingredients. Visit Dragon Garden III right away and order your favorite health food dish. Call us at 203-878-0033 for more information about our gluten-free food options.

Visit Dragon Garden III, a family-owned and operated Chinese restaurant for authentic Chinese cuisine.

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Seafood Combo

Chicken w. Snow Peas

Shrimp w. Snow Peas

Health Food Selection

(All Dishes are Steamed without Oil and Salt and Come with Special Brown Sauce and White Rice or Brown Rice)

Per Order

146. Plain Broccoli or String Beans


147. Mixed Vegetables

148. Bean Curd w. Broccoli or Mixed Vegetables

149. Bean Curd w. Broccoli and Fresh Mushrooms

150. Chicken w. Broccoli or Mixed Vegetables


151. Shrimp w. Broccoli or Mixed Vegetables


152. Chicken w. Snow Peas


153. Shrimp w. Snow Peas


154. Seafood Combo





Hot and Spicy

We Can Alter The Spice According To Your Taste

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